Our Cups

Our Cups are available in 2 sizes: small (0.3l) and large (0.4l). Currently only in ivory colour but we plan to extend our cup range. (different colours and designs).

In case you have a special request or great idea let us know – we always appreciate feedback and new ideas!

Cup facts


  • Optimized storage: space-saving stapling design
  • Dishwasher proofed, min. 500 cycles
  • Design: optimized for dishwasher, piling and optimum drying behavior
  • One lid fits all (both cup sizes)
  • Modern design
  • Immediate reduction of disposable cups and cost saving potential

cafe shops

  • Super light and unbreakable (almost – but certainly if used for normal coffee consumption)
  • 100% recyclable plastic (we plan to re-use them for our next cup generations)
  • Cool design and great hand / coffee balance when used.
  • Made in Germany or Australia
  • No harmful substances – BPA free

Why use cups made out of plastic? Using plastic cups to reduce plastic waste and other disposable cups? Initially sounds a bit strange but isn’t. And this is why: The cups are made out of PP, also known as polypropylene – it’s a widely used material used for reusable containers of various types including e.g. medical devices. It is mechanically rugged, and resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. PP is currently the best alternative for a deposit system due to its:

  • Durability: Cups made out of PP are ideal for the deposit system since they can be kept in the cycle for the longest time. They are almost unbreakable and will last for the most number of dish washing cycles.
  • Energy consumption: PP has the best energy consumption during production when compared to other alternative materials. It is also one of the best materials for recycling and therefore re-using.
  • Usability: PP makes our cups light weight, break proof, taste – neutral? It is important that the cups don’t have a disadvantage against today’s disposable cups to encourage acceptance and usage.

There is a lot of research done on new materials and most certainly there might be some better, smarter materials in the future with similar or better characteristics than PP – once available we will certainly look into that and change when possible.

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