Easy as 1-2-3

Every time you use one of our Cups and return them to one of our partners you have a chance to win a price!

Win a prize – and save money!

Your own – unique – reusable take-away cup, every time you need it, no need to purchase an expensive reusable cup.


Enjoy your Coffee while doing something positive for the environment. Help us reduce Australia’s waste. One cup at a time – every cup helps.

Pure Taste!

Our Refund Cups will make the best out of your coffee and keep all its flavors and bring them straight to your taste buds. Our Cups have been designed for practicality, stability and longevity. They are taste neutral and won’t influence any of the coffees original flavours.

Did we mention that they also look great!

  • Find out where you can get your Coffee in a Refund Cup.
  • Use the Refund Cup app or ‘LOCATIONS’ from our website
  • The Refund Cup is a reusable Cup with a $0.25 deposit¬†included. When you return your Cup,¬†you get your deposit back.
  • Every-time you use your Cup at one of our partners you have a chance to win a prize.
  • The empty Cups will not go into the bin but reused. Once returned to one of our partners closest to you they will be properly cleaned for reuse or recycled .

How it works!

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