HISTORY we have been around the world in different countries and had our share of coffee’s. We saw countries in different stages on how they try to deal and cope with today’s waste problem. We’ve seen different approaches who don’t work but thought why not use our technological expertise to come up with a solution that does.

Why not use technology once to support something all of us like to do every day (having a take-away) with a positive impact on the environment.

OUR VISION changing people’s behavior towards the environment with our solution. Show that you can enjoy your Coffee or hot drink while doing something positive for the environment. Become Australia’s number one take-away solution and make a difference.

More than 1 billion disposable cups are used in Australia every year –

this is what 1 billion means !

More than 317 Cups per second- 24/ 365 Days A YEAR!

This is what we plan to do

  Cooperation with local business and reinvest in the environment. Saving trees and growing new ones.

  When using 1 Refund Cup you can save the resources required for 500 disposable cups. Return them to our partners and waste will be massively reduced.

  Refund Cups can be re-used up to 500 times but after that we plan to re-use them for our next cup generation.

  Produce locally – aussie made.

What our customers & partners say

  • “Mark and Bryan's ideas on an interesting system to encourage re-using coffee cups is a timely and important project in WA, and nation wide. Coffee culture is tightly linked with our day-to-day work, and waste that it produces is reaching a worrying level. I see that this project is absolutely innovative..."

    Dr. Christopher Kueh ECU - Western Australia
  • "Mark and Bryan shared insights into their new innovative reusable cup idea to a group of internal and external stakeholders of ECU. Group feedback was extremely positive and we look forward to supporting Mark and Bryan along their innovation journey through The Link project."

    Vicki Hodgson GAICD BA (Hons) ECU - Innovation Development Advisor
  • "...Their idea is to create a "Refund Cup" which is in essence a recyclable take-away coffee cup, imprinting on each one a distinguishing identifier that can be tracked for purposes of firstly avoiding throw-away waste cups going into the rubbish or household waste, and secondly offering benefits to coffee consumers via App recorded re-use Awards and discounts etc, and reduced costs for cafe businesses in maintaining disposable stock levels."

    Julie Marcey City of Joondalup - Economic Development Officer
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