Refund Cup - Take Away
Now it's even easier to enjoy
We all Love the Taste of a good Coffee
Now you can have your Coffee - and help the Environment
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Refund Cup – Coffee-to-go

Everyone loves a good coffee and take away has become part of our live. But disposable cups use large amounts of resources, produce waste and lots of them cannot even be recycled. It does not have to be like that because Refund Cup is the perfect solution for your coffee to go!

Our reusable, taste neutral cups will make your Coffee taste even better knowing that you do something positive for the environment. Great for you inner chi!


Why should I use it? Why participate?

Australians use more than 1 billion of takeaway cups every year. Coffee Cups have become the 2nd largest contributor to litter behind plastic bottles. They end up in landfill were most do not biodegrade due to plastic lining or become a major pollution hazard.

Coffee drinkers

We know that some of you bring their own cups to help and reduce waste, but what if you forgot your cup? Imagine if you could have

  • Your reusable cup handy at all times
  • A chance to win tickets, vouchers and more every time you return your cup
  • Return the cup at multiple locations
  • No additional costs
  • Reduce waste
  • Help the environment 

Cafe owners

Become a Refund Cup Partner and get all partner benefits.

  • Increase your market presence and generate new customer traffic
  • Immediate reduction of disposable cups
  • Provide an alternative environmental friendly solution to your customers
  • Support the reuse of take-away cups and help reduce Australia’s waste

How to Participate?

Where can I get my Coffee?

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